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This page provides some of your tracking information i.e. Your ISP Country, Device Screen Resolution, Operating System, Browser Version. Some of these parameters are passed by your device Internet Browser and some are detected from your Internet Service Provider. These are common variables and available to world wide web by default. This data may be used and stored by some of our advertisers in the form of cookies on your device, so we encourage you to take a look before continue to navigate the website. You may also like to bookmark this page to know which information is being passed by your Device and Network Provider whenever you are online.

Country: Every device is assigned a unique IP (Internet Protocol) by ISP to access the WWW. This IP is also mapped to a specific country and available on the web as IP-to-Country database. Though the database is maintained and updated on regular basis, there is a minor possibly of inaccuracy as hundreds of new addresses are registered daily.
City: Provided by the ISP (Internet service provider) and can be detected more accurately if Location service is turned ON on the user device (mobile/ tab / desktop). To turn this service ON / OFF go to device GPS feature.
ISP: Every ISP has been given a unique pool of IP addresses by IANA which are stored and maintained on the web by different API service providers. With reverse lookup the ISP is detected.
Screen: Usually detected by the JavaScript code deployed on the page you are accessing. JavaScript is an important part of web page programming and enabled by default on all Browsers. It can be disabled by going to Browser Setting.
Browser: Extracted from using JS predefined navigator variables appName, appVersion and userAgent. HTTP header is used which is sent by the device Browser.
Device: Detected either by device screen size or JS userAgent variable. Operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome, Firefox and their Versions are also helpful to detect it more accurately.
OS: Also extracted from browser userAgent and appVersion using Javascript code. This information is also a part of HTTP header
Time: Javascript predefined "Date" Object function is used to display the current Local Time of client machine.